NCIX電腦週未店內特價:Kingston 4GB USB Flash Drive $5.99


Kingston DataTraveler 4GB USB Flash Drive $5.99 CAD(50.04% OFF Reg. $11.99 Sku:53982)
Kingston DataTraveler 16GB USB Flash Drive $19.99 CAD(41.97% OFF Reg. $34.45 Sku:47647)
Corsair Flash Voyager 8GB USB Flash Drive * Refurbished * $5.99 CAD(76.03% OFF Reg. $24.99 Sku:48470)
ASUS USB-BT21 Mini USB Bluetooth Dongle $5.99 CAD(62.54% OFF Reg. $15.99 Sku:44255)
Logitech K120 Keyboard USB $9.99 CAD(50.00% OFF Reg. $19.98 Sku:54063)

Available IN-STORE ONLY! All items are limited in quantity. Limit one per household per item. Other conditions may apply. A

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